Hey guys will be released on August 5th. From August 5th on every second Friday will be a release date for example In august,There will be two updates on the 5th and the 19th, then after that the next one is September 2nd.

All development for the next update will stop 24hours before that release so we can test to make sure it is stable enough to release.

Any bug updates will be released on the first Sunday or Thursday of the release week.

We are also looking for c# coders if you know someone or your self is a good coder send an application to forgewaresoftwork@gmail.com



Server Update

MCForge will be updating its servers later today. this prosses can take up to 72 hours. Durning this updating period our site may go offline. We will work to get the site back up as soon as possible.

Durning this prosses we have made a temporary site available. This site can be accessed at:


Thank you for your patients and understanding durning this prosses

r4.8.0.0 Changelog and more

Release has been moved to be released on Sunday July 10th

Changelog for 4.8


- Added custom login and logout messages - customizable in the console properties
- Added /loginmessage [Player] [Message] and /logoutmessage [Player] [Message]
- Added /explode - For all your exploding needs:
-/explode me - Explodes yourself
-/explode [Player] - Explodes the specified player
-/explode [X] [Y] [Z] - Explodes at the specified co-ordinates
- Added /pyramid - Builds pyramids, thanks to aaron1tasker:
-/pyramid - Builds a solid pyramid
-/pyramid hollow - Builds a hollow pyramid
-/pyramid reverse - Builds a reverse pyramid
- Added add-on /hide check - Checks if your hiding
- Added /tnt allow and /tnt disallow to disable and enable the use of tnt commands
- Fixed /restart and the console restart button
- Fixed /overseer - Now accepts players names with upper-case letters, with the creation of maps
- Fixed /unbanip - It will now unban ips with no more, "Not a valid ip!" messages :)
- Fixed: Changelog now displays in the console.
- Updated: /reload - Better version that takes you to the map immediately, sends reload message and logs.
- Added /chatroom and a full chatroom system
- Fixed some bugs in /countdown
- Added 2 new game speeds (ultimate and extreme) to /countdown
- Fixed a bug in /megaboid that lets you build/delete on a map that has a higher perbuild than your rank.
- Added a feature to /xban that allows you to kick a person with a message.
- Added the shortcut /h to /main, also fixed the help message for /main and put it in the "other" /help catagory.
- Added the shortcut /fg to /fixgrass.
- Added /uban (uban is basically xban without the ipban.)
- Removed useless code that used up to 90% RAM for no good reason

We are also announcing our next update after r4.8 Will come out on July 31st as it will possibly be the biggest update MCForge has ever had. 

MC-Rater update (again)

New MC-Rater staff

303i- MCForge Moderator

Soccer101nic - That guy that’s always on the mcforge chat :P

With this i have a real update, as earlier i wasn’t taking into consideration 2.0.

Just to clarify marks will NOT be released to the public any more, until we have 2.0 up and running, this will make 2.0 a epic awesome update, 

sorry for any confusion   

MC-Rater Update!

In the past few day’s MC-Rater has been getting more submits then usually, so please expect a delay, Instead of the regular 24 Hours and your server will be judged, it’s more like 24-48 Hours. Any forms submitted as of now will be judged by the end of the night.

MC-Rater 2.0?- MC-Rater 2.0 will be a more user friendly Rating system. Some possible updates are 

-User server rating

-View server marks

-Server of the month contest

-More epic idea’s in the process

~Stay tuned tonight for MC-Rater server marks first Public appearance, I’ll be posting every server rated up to this point on tumblr :) 

Also while you are learning about MC-Rater 2.0 why not tell you a little bit about MCForge Vanilla, Its expected to come out on Friday and the change log will be available tomorrow ( if we do release on Friday that is)

First official update!

as it appears i got MCForge Tumblr set up it was a little messed up at first but with the help from Soccer101nic the logo was edited a bit and was the First follower of mcforge.tumblr.com !

MCForge Developer’s at this date:

Dmitchell94  jordanneil23,


 The_LegacyWouto1997,CrusaderVHerocane, and Philipdenseje

MCForge Vanilla version

MCForge+ Inactive

ForgeCraft to be released around 11/11/2011

MC-Rater - Active [Takes about 24-48hours to get your server judged]

Follow us on twitter as well! #MCForge_Devs

Sorry i’m busy and unable to help, but google will be able to help, www.google.com
MCForge Tumblr..Mhhh

Hey guys this is the first post ever it feels so epic XD, Just a little side note soccer101nic wasn’t our first ever follower!

Here on the MCForge Tumblr you can find out the Inside scoop on Development of Forge-Craft, MCForge Vanilla and other MCForge Work, Also updates from different developers!

Look forward to tonight for our first real update

Don’t forget to tell your friends to follow us!